MUKILA White Black Mochila Wayuu

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MUKILA White Black Mochila Wayuu Handmade Unique Pieces

Braided backpacks are also known as “purse-style backpacks” because they have shorter, braided straps. In addition, they accompany any outfit very well and are a bit more formal than long traditional gauze backpacks.

The wayúu fabric

Wayúu weaving has evolved over time. Formerly the Wayúu women used cotton and fique to weave, dyeing the fibers with natural dyes. They also used goat's teeth, bones and looms made of wood, as basic implements to weave the fibers.

At the time of the colony by the Spanish, sheep wool and needle weaving (crochet) were introduced. Currently, almost only industrial cotton yarn is used because it is easier to buy and handle.
Production time: The elaboration of the wayuu backpacks with braids can take between 20 and 30 days. Order your backpack well in advance since we work each product on request. Keep in mind that each piece is unique and no backpack is exactly the same as another.

Packaging: This product is packed in a sturdy cloth bag. You can reuse it to protect your clothing or footwear when storing it in drawers, closets or suitcases.